Cemetery FAQs

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What is the history of Woodlawn Memorial Gardens?

Established in 1958, Woodlawn is one of the largest cemeteries in the Tidewater area. It began as and remains a family owned business. Over 40,000 people have advance planned and are protected by Woodlawn. Less than half of the available land has been developed. What this means to families is future generations can all be together.

What is Perpetual Care?

Perpetual Care Funds are a Virginia state requirement to sustain and maintain the cemetery. This one time fee is held in a mandated, regulated trust fund for the perpetual care of the cemetery and ensures future generations are never asked for additional care funds.

Why do so many families prefer mausoleums today?

Mausoleums were once available to very few people. However, with modern construction technology and the larger size of Mausoleums today, they are now available to everyone. In many cases, it is less expensive because it eliminates all of the items needed for ground burial. Mausoleums are clean and dry.  Families can have their service inside Woodlawn's beautiful Mausoleum Chapel instead of a traditional tent service.

What is a Columbarium Niche?

A Columbarium is constructed of numerous small compartments, also known as Niches, designed to hold urns containing cremated remains. Woodlawn Memorial Gardens has Niches located within our Chapel Mausoleum and within the Memorial Gardens.The deceased's name is displayed on the front of the Niche so the loved one is memorialized and family members have a place to visit. Cremated remains may also be placed in an in-ground burial space.

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