Advance Planning FAQs

Everything you need to know about advance planning

Congratulations!  You’ve taken an important step by choosing to advance plan. By taking steps to make arrangements now, you’ve removed a large burden from your family, providing them with greater peace of mind and allowing them to celebrate and honor your life. Most importantly, you’re ensuring every detail is planned according to your own wishes and needs.

You might have some questions as you begin the path towards advance planning. We’re here to answer them.

Here are some questions that often come up from others at the same stage:

Can I move a previously planned arrangement?

Of course. We have a wide range of choices. Contact us to find out more.

Do I need to purchase a burial vault?

In most areas of the country, state or local laws do not require that you buy a vault to surround the casket in the grave. Woodlawn Memorial Gardens requires you have a vault so the ground will not sink and to enhance the overall appearance of the cemetery.

I’ve heard about Mausoleums - what are their benefits?

People choose mausoleum crypts because they are above ground, clean and dry. They offer a good alternative for those who prefer not to be buried in the ground.

Are there vaults for cremated remains?

Yes, we require urn vaults, designed for in-ground burial of cremated remains. Urn vaults prevent ground sinking and enhance the overall appearance of the cemetery.

Can the family witness the cremation?

Yes, upon request. As anything, this is a personal choice on whether you want to witness this event.

Is your cemetery running out of space?

No.  Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, with over 75 acres, has sufficient space for you and generations of your family to come.  We offer mausoleum crypts, spaces for cremated remains (niches), crypt gardens, private estates, private mausoleums and ground burial.

I’ve heard of Perpetual Care.  What is it?

Perpetual Care Funds are a Virginia state requirement to sustain and maintain the cemetery. This one time fee is held in a mandated, regulated trust fund for the perpetual care of the cemetery and ensures future generations are never asked for additional care funds.

You may have other questions.  Feel free to call us anytime.

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